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Dr. Kapil Yadav


Ayurveda PG Exams/ AMO Exams

Achiever Test Series Plus Online & Offline- by KYAC

Eligibility- BAMS 3 rd year/ final year/ internship & Passed out Ayurveda Medicos

Course Information

Key Highlights:
✔ Can be taken both Online & at Offline centers

✔ Topic wise tests

✔ Sthana wise tests & Samhita wise tests

✔ After covering full syllabus through topic wise, subject wise and Samhita wise Tests, there will be 100 Full Syllabus Mock test papers to boost your revision and your capability to perform in Real Exam

✔ KYAC- rankers test series gives you best chosen MCQs based on high yielding topics to boost your rank.

✔ All India Ranking


✔ Is like AIA-PGET, so you get several chances to know about your performance & make up for your shortcomings.

✔ Consists of Concept Strengthening Classroom Program (CSCP) after the test to eliminate conceptual doubts and plugging the loopholes related to the papers.

✔ Has new & original problems of AIA-PGET & UPSC level, which is the best way to prepare for Ayurveda competitive exams.

✔ Practically tests all the fundamentals.

✔ Prepares you for all types of patterns & levels of difficulty, so you will be ready to face any Ayurveda competitive exam

✔ Gives you sufficient time to consolidate on your AIA-PGET preparation as it starts with Part Tests and gradually covers the entire AIA-PGET syllabus in Full Tests.

✔ Gives you several chances to appear in simulated AIA-PGET like environment to help you develop better Time Management skills.

✔ Gives you realistic & authentic All India level ranking, so that achieving your goal gets easy