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Dr. Kapil Yadav


Ayurveda PG Exams/ AMO Exams

Regular Classroom Course

Eligibility- BAMS 3 rd year/ final year/ internship & Passed out Ayurveda Medicos

✔ Regular Morning and Evening Batch- all batches are open to classroom students, they can join any or all of the batches

✔ All Tough to learn topics and high yielding topics made easy through easy tricks and mnemonics

✔ Syllabus completion in 4/5 Months, followed by revision in 3 months, again revision in 2 months, next revision in 1 month, next cycle of revision of 15 days and last revision of 7 days.

✔ 100 full syllabus mock tests after syllabus completion and discussion of these tests followed by analysis of where the student is lacking

✔ Fees once paid is valid till selection and NOT just for one year or syllabus completion So, BAMS 3 rd year student can revise their syllabus many times before they even become eligible for competitive exams

✔ Vrihat Trayee (Charak ,Sushruta ,Vagbhata),Laghu trayee (Madhava , Sharangdhara, Bhava Praksha) BAMS subjects, required modern topics are covered in enough details through easy tricks and mnemonics , required to easily clear and secure good rank in any competitive exam even by a low/ below average performing student of college

✔ Smart way to learn, not just making students cram up illogically and irrelevantly

✔ Printed notes are provided, thus saving time of student in making their own notes.

✔ Result oriented revision techniques

✔ Students engaged till selection, not letting them to handle exam stress on their own.

✔ Day long revision schedules on Sundays, increasing studying capacity of students and capability to revise fast.